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What Are Causes & Treatments Of Depression & Anxiety?

Almost every common man in the present world is facing problems like depression and anxiety. If we talk generally, almost in every family we can find the patients of depression and anxiety. There may be a lot of reasons that may cause such problems. What are causes and treatments of depression and anxiety? This is the question that I am going to answer in this article.

The world where we are living, man is suffering from basic and major disorders in psychiatry. Before going into the details of the causes and possible treatment of depression and anxiety, let’s talk about the common symptoms of depression and anxiety one by one.

Symptoms of Depression

As far as we talk about the common symptoms of depression, they are as follows.

  1. Having a persistently sad or low mood.
  2. Being easily exhausted.
  3. Losing interest in activities you once found pleasurable or once you found interesting.
  4. Continuous suicidal thoughts.
  5. Death wishes.
  6. Losing weight or gaining weight rapidly
  7. Excessive sleep, or lack of sleep,

These all are symptoms of depression. Usually, people link depression with anxiety.

Symptoms Of Anxiety

Now, what anxiety is? It’s simply the fear of the unknown. The fear of something is going to happen to you.

So, the common physical symptoms of anxiety are:

  1. Palpitations.
  2. Headaches.
  3. Sweating.

Moreover, a feeling of impending doom that something is going to happen to me can cause anxiety. other instances are: I’m going to die, or something like that. These are called panic attacks. So, depression and anxiety are quite common.

Below we are going to discuss the most common causes of depression and anxiety.

Causes of Depression and Anxiety

The causes of disorders like depression and anxiety are multifactorial. For instance, very harsh parenting style or childhood history may be the causes of depression and anxiety. Below we try to encircle the main and common causes of depression and anxiety.  

Childhood Abuse

A history of childhood abuse may be the cause of depression and anxiety. This abuse may be sexual or physical. As a result, this predisposes a patient to depression even in the early years of childhood or adolescence and in adult life.   


The physical, mental, or sexual torture in childhood leaves very bad impacts on the overall personality of the child. Consequently, it badly damages the ego and self-esteem of a kid. The bad impacts of childhood abuse are long-lasting and most of the time result in depression and anxiety.

So, we can say that childhood abuse whether it is physical, mental, or sexual in most cases results in depression and anxiety.

other causes of depression and anxiety

Then other factors like stress at work, marital issues, financial losses, environmental factors like dietary deficiencies also cause depression and anxiety. 

stress at work


If an employee is overloaded with work at his office, he is always under pressure. He is never able to cope with this large quantum. Resultantly this extra pressure of work puts extra pressure on the brain and body. this will result in depression and anxiety.

Marital Issues


Similarly, if there are always marital issues at home, surely this will make the partners unhappy. His/her unsatisfied marital life will lead to depression and anxiety.

Financial Issues


It also has been observed that financial losses in businesses may cause depression and anxiety.

Environmental Factors


Environmental factors may also cause depression and anxiety. For example, floods, earthquakes, or other environmental changes may be the reason for depression and anxiety.

Dietary deficiencies

It is a common observation that dietary deficiencies may also cause depression and anxiety.

personality disorders

Now coming to personality disorders, the personality traits that everybody has. Certain traits are peculiar to persons which make them vulnerable to anxiety and depression.

Consequently, all these factors come together to create such a dramatic situation. This situation might be a broken love affair, causing an episode of depression and anxiety.

There may be some other factors that can cause depression and anxiety. For instance, news of the sudden death of some very close ones like a spouse, son, daughter, father, mother, sister, brother, cousin, uncle, aunt, niece, nephew, or friend. 

Sudden News

Depression and anxiety may be the result of sudden diagnosis of some fatal diseases like cancer. Moreover, depression and anxiety may develop due to stroke, heart attack, or chronic disease.

Medication Side effects

Depression and anxiety may be the result or side effects of some medications. Also, extra use of alcohol, drugs, or smoking may cause depression and anxiety.

After covering the main causes of depression and anxiety now we move to the treatment of depression and anxiety.

Treatments for Depression and Anxiety

There are many treatments available that help in reducing depression and anxiety. The treatment may be psychiatric medications or psychiatric therapy or both of these.

It is not you who will decide what kind of treatment you need. It is your doctor, general physician, or mental health professional who will decide. Because he knows better which kind of treatment you need considering your physical and mental condition.

Psychiatric Medications

If the treatment is sought early, it is very easily amenable to treatment. People have a wrong understanding of psychiatric medications. They think that people get dependent upon them or they have a lot of side effects.


Let me tell you it’s a wrong notion. People having psychiatric medications are as similar as any other medications used for any other physical illnesses. So, there’s no harm in taking them.

If you delay your treatment, in fact, you are going to prolong the duration of your treatment. Yes, some of the psychiatric disorders are chronic which means the treatment continues for a longer duration. But that’s necessary to acknowledge that they are surely curable.

Psychiatric Therapy

So, a combination of pharmacological treatment like medicines along with therapy and counseling sessions goes a long way in treating these conditions. Moreover, talking to the patients, understanding their personality, understanding their relationship dynamics, family dynamics can help to cope with depression and anxiety.


It is advisable not to compromise your life by taking too much depression and anxiety. Further, it is useless to worry about matters that are beyond human access.

What you can do within your limits and circumstances is something that you ought to do. Open for yourself new vistas of life. Don’t make yourself stagnant, as a result, you must be rotten and people will run away from you.

Hopefully, this article will benefit you to understand that ” What are causes and treatments of depression and anxiety?”

Keep yourself in flux. Believe me, depression and anxiety will run away from you.

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