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Ten Bad Habits that damage Our Eyes

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Some daily habits are harmful to the eyes and weaken our eye vision. Today, we are going to find ten bad habits that damage our eyes. Let’s find out what to do and what not to do to improve eyesight?

Habits may be good or bad. The beneficial habits are known as good habits and the habits that are not beneficial or the habits that are harmful are known as bad habits.

The eyes are among the most precious organs of our body. All the colors of life are due to the eyes. The concept of life without eyes is incomplete.

Imagine you are trapped in a room having no light, no window, or no door. You would find the world as a grave where there is no color of life. Even you would feel suffocated being unable to see anything. The eyes are the gateway to the joys of this world through which all the colors of life enter.

To protect our eyes, it’s necessary to know what are ten bad habits damage our eyes. Following are these habits:

  • Staring at the Screens 
  • Rubbing the Eyes 
  • Reading While Travelling
  • Not Wearing Sunglasses 
  • Working in Low Light 
  • Not Having a Proper Diet
  • Drinking Less Water
  • Not Visiting Eye Specialist Regularly for the Eye Exams
  • Smoking damages eyesight
  • Shortage of sleep is bad for the eyes

Staring at the Screens 

In the last ten years, the number of teenagers and young adults who are using spectacles has increased 4 times. The reason found was obvious: Overwatching computers, mobiles, and tv screens make our eyes dry. 

When we stare at these screens for a long time without blinking, our eyes go dry and the dead cells start to accumulate near their surface. Accumulation of dead cells over a while can cause inflammation and visual impairment. 

Of course, many of us have jobs where we have no choice but to sit in front of a computer the whole day. Well here is something one can do: you can just get off your seat every hour and walk a few steps or go have some water. It will relieve your eyes from stress and hydrate your body, which is very healthful for the eyes. 


Rubbing the Eyes 

The human eye is a very delicate organ, people who have a habit of rubbing their eyes seriously damage the tiny blood vessels beneath its surface. 

Moreover, if your hands are not clean, the germs over your fingertips can get transferred onto the eye surface causing irritation and redness. So, if you feel itching near the eye surface gently calm it down. 


Reading While Travelling

Out of ten bad habits that damage eyes, reading or writing while traveling is harmful in a way that your eyes will remain under constant strain to read because the text you are trying to read is moving or vibrating. 

 Thus, making it difficult for the eyes to focus on the text. Nowadays we have replaced books with smartphones. Focusing on reading the tiny letters on the smartphone hurts your eyes which may result in blurred vision in the long run. 

So, avoid unnecessary chatting or even reading the book when you are traveling bumpy roads.


Not Wearing Sunglasses 

Sunglasses were not designed just to become a fashion accessory but to prevent bright sunlight and HEV light from damaging and discomforting the eyes. 

Prolonged exposure to the sun’s UV rays leads to premature aging of the eyes and even cataracts. So make a habit of wearing sunglasses that provide 100 percent protection from UV rays. 


Working in Low Light 

Our elders have always advised us to use table lamps while studying at night. Reading or writing in low light puts undue pressure on eye muscles making them weak over time. 

And if you are using a smartphone or computer at night with room lights off it will ruin your vision. So, make sure that you are always working in proper light without burdening your eye muscles.


Not Having a Proper Diet

If you aren’t having a proper diet it means where you are damaging your overall health, there, you are also damaging your eye’s health. A proper diet plan includes a sufficient quantity of fruits and vegetables to fulfill the minimum requirement of the necessary vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids necessary for optimum eye health.

A healthy eye vision may be maintained and it can also be improved through a proper diet plan. Different colorful fruits, leafy green vegetables, and fish are the basic and essential diets that help in improving our eye vision.

A proper diet not only improves eye vision but also protects our eyes from several diseases.


Drinking Less Water

Doctors highly recommend eight glasses of water intake for our overall health. Taking the daily recommended quantity of water is also beneficial for the health of our eyes.

If we do not drink the recommended eight glasses of water per day, it can lead to dehydration. This dehydration may reduce the eye water or tears that are necessary for keeping our eyes properly moisturized and nourished.   So, dehydration where can influence the overall health of our body, there, it can result in dry eyes, red eyes, and puffy eyelids.


Not Visiting Eye Specialist Regularly for the Eye Exams

Visiting an eye specialist regularly for the comprehensive examination of the eyes is very important and many of us do not practice this habit. A Complete and comprehensive eye examination can help in the detection of different vision problems, multiple eye diseases, and general eye health issues. 

Regular eye checkups can diagnose the above-mentioned problems even before the realization of the problems.

The key to good eyesight is proper eye care so don’t forget your regular eye exams.


Smoking damages eyesight

Smoking is one of those habits that is very harmful to overall human health. It also has bad impacts on our eyes. Smoking can develop diseases that are very harmful to the eyes and even may lead to permanent vision loss.

It is not easy to quit smoking. However, if you succeed in quitting smoking, it may drastically benefit your eyes and overall health. If you want to quit smoking then talk to your doctor for the required help.


Shortage of Sleep is bad for eyes

Seven to eight hours of night sleep is very beneficial for overall health. Shortage of this recommended night sleep may result in red, puffy, or itchy eyes. Our overall body and eyes require this recommended seven to eight hours of sleep.


Therefore for the betterment of overall health and improvement of our vision, we must have a proper night’s sleep.

The above-mentioned ten bad habits damage our eyes and we should try to eliminate these habits from our lives.

So, it is advised to take necessary care of your eyes so that you may enjoy the colors of life.

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