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What are the common Symptoms of Hypertension?

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Hypertension or high blood pressure has become one of the most common and serious problems of modern man. Nature has bestowed human beings with a lot of blessings. Health is one of the most precious blessings of the Almighty. To secure this blessing, it is very necessary to know that “What Are The Common Symptoms Of Hypertension?”

If someone has all the wealth of the world but does not have a healthy body to enjoy it, then this wealth is of no use to him. It is rightly said that “Health is wealth”.

Therefore, to enjoy all the blessings of nature we need to have a healthy and fit body. For keeping ourselves healthy and fit we need to monitor our physical health in routine. Even if there is a slight change in basic health parameters, it must not be ignored. Hypertension or high blood pressure is one the most important and basic health parameters.

A lot of us know that when we are ill and have to visit the hospital, the first thing which our physician or doctor wants to see or examine is our blood pressure reading. This is because high blood pressure leads to many problems. Similarly, to know the common symptoms pf hypertension becomes more crucial for us because prevention is better than cure.

Here, I am going to talk about the three most dangerous symptoms of high blood pressure. One should never take high blood pressure lightly, especially if you have any of these three symptoms.

chest pain: 1st symptom of Hypertension


The first symptom is chest pain. What happens in chest pain? Chest pain can be cardiac. It is normally left-sided and squeezing tight. It may even radiate to your neck, to your left upper extremity. Now, this could be fairly serious. This normally happens when your blood pressure goes beyond a certain limit.

So, if your blood pressure is high, you are having chest pain do not take it lightly. You need to go to the emergency department or call the emergency medical services. It is a good idea as well because it could just be that you are having a heart attack. High blood pressure can lead to heart attack therefore you have to be very careful.

Chest pain can be of various types. It could be epigastric pain, Gerd-like pain, acidity, or musculoskeletal pain. So, if you’re having high blood pressure and having this typical type of left side chest pain or chest tightness or achiness in your chest then it could be something really serious. Don’t take this lightly and go to the doctor because they will check you out. 

checking-an-electrocardiogram-to monitor-blood-pressure

They will check an electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG). They will check some cardiac markers and see what it is.

headache: 2nd symptom of high blood pressure


The next high blood pressure symptom is a headache. Many of us take headaches very normal thing. They say, okay just take a towel on, or have a routine pain killer tablet, it will be fine. But sometimes if your blood pressure is also high then a headache could mean something significant.

If you have a really bad headache, it could be matters related to high blood pressure. It could be a stroke; it could be some type of bleed although these are rare.

If your blood pressure is fairly high, you need an instant visit of a healthcare professional or your doctor. Sometimes you may even have a tingling and numbness sensation in your hands and feet or you may have slur speech.

A lot of people with headaches can get confused as well. So, if your blood pressure is high, it does not control, it is 170 over, let’s say 100 or more than 200 then you better get a check. Take your blood pressure pills if you have missed any of your blood pressure pills but get your blood pressure checked. High blood pressure could lead to other serious problems like I said a stroke possibly or even bleeding in the brain, so don’t take any of this lightly.

shortness of breath: 3rd symptom of hypertension


The third symptom of high blood pressure is shortness of breath. If your blood pressure is high, you can develop shorts of breath. Now, what happens when the blood pressure is high. You may feel pressure on your heart, pressure in your brain, and pressure in your lungs. You have a lot of fuzziness. What is this fuzziness? 

Fuzziness is fluid. When you have pressure in the lungs then fluid tends to leak out into your alveoli, air sacs in the lungs and this could lead to severe problems. So, if you have high blood pressure issues then take things seriously. Don’t take things lightly.

Systolic and Diastolic Pressure


Systolic blood pressure is the upper value and the lower value is the diastolic blood pressure. Normal blood pressure is less than 120, which is the systolic or upper level of normal pressure while a normal diastolic means the lower blood pressure is less than 80. 

Now if you go beyond this, if you go beyond 120 with the systolic blood pressure and go beyond 80 of the diastolic blood pressure or any of that is elevated, it means your blood pressure situation is not normal. If you have a systolic blood pressure of greater than 180 or your diastolic blood pressure is greater than 120, it is alarming and needs emergency treatment without wasting time.  

In the last, here is a quick rundown of some of the severe symptoms that you can have with high blood pressure. You should not be ignoring these symptoms. You should not be taking chest pain lightly if you are a blood pressure patient.

Of course, you have to try to control your blood pressure but if you have chest pain with high blood pressure then that is a cause of concern. Again, don’t take it lightly. If you’re having a severe headache that could be a little more serious. You need to talk to your doctor or go to the emergency department. 

If you are having shorts of breath or a pulse sock, or your oxygen level is slow, it is indicative of serious hypertension.  If you’re having some chest pain as well as some shorts of breath, or both of these things combine then it is not a good sign. Seek some help talk to your doctor or call the emergency medical services. You must get medical help as soon as possible.

The above mentioned are the common symptoms of hypertension. We should never take them lightly because of their seriousness. Hopefully you will take care of your health by considering the importance of normal blood pressure.

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