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What is Obesity and what are its causes?

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An excessive amount of fat present in the body comes under the head of obesity. Obesity is a serious problem. It is a complex disease. Not only it destroys the body shape but also produces a lot of medical problems. Also, it becomes the root cause of other diseases like heart diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure, and sometimes certain cancers. Therefore it is necessary for everyone to know about obesity and its causes. There may be a lot of causes behind obesity.

After reading this article you will understand what is obesity and what are the causes of obesity. Once, you understand obesity and its causes, it becomes easy to overcome it.

what is obesity?

Usually, people suffer from Obesity when they take in an extra amount of calories in their body.  Now the question arises what are calories?


Calories are the measuring unit of the energy value of food. To maintain a healthy weight almost 2500 calories per day are required by a physically active man, while for an active woman 2000 calories per day are required. 

Usually, people think this quantity of calories is very high but in reality, you may attain this calorie level very easily by eating certain foods. Sometimes just one meal like burger, fries, and milkshake can collectively total to 1500 calories. 

Secondly, many people of the modern era are physically inactive. Due to this laziness, many of the calories taken are not burnt and ultimately end up being stored in the body. These stored calories become fat. 

After discussing the calories, now we will discuss the causes of obesity.

Causes of Obesity

lifestyle bad habits may cause obesity

Generally, obesity is caused due to two bad habits.  

  1. Eating too much
  2. Moving too little  

If someone intakes high amounts of fat and sugar and does not burn off this extra fat and sugar by exercising or any other physical activity, this extra material will be saved as fat.

Other than these two bad habits certain habits can cause obesity.  These habits are as follows.

Bad Diet Habits Cause obesity

Obesity is not the result of just one bad meal, it happens gradually as a result of continuous bad diet habits and an inactive lifestyle. Some examples of these bad diet habits are as follows.

Fast & Processed Food cause obesity


Processed food contains high fat and sugar, people who use large amounts of processed food in routine, suffer from obesity. So, if you want to avoid obesity, you will have to leave these fast and processed food.

excessive use of alcohol causes obesity


Alcohol also contains high calories. Alcohol-addicted people are usually overweight. Not only does alcohol causes obesity but also leads to heart and lungs diseases. Obesity itself leads to heart and lungs diseases and the chances of carrying heart and lungs diseases become maximum when obese people drink alcohol.

Extra Diet Results in obesity

In restaurants and hotels, often people feed themselves extra food as starters and desserts. This extra food results in obesity. To overcome this, one should reduce his outdoor eating habits. Leaving this outdoor eating habit will be beneficial for your health and also you will be able to save some extra money.

Variety of Drinks: cause of obesity

Drinking different soft or cold drinks that are available in the market causes obesity as these drinks contain a lot of sugar.  These soft or cold drinks are one of the main causes of obesity. Not only do these drinks cause obesity but also are the main reason behind kidney, liver, and heart diseases.

Also, studies reveal that number of people become patients of diabetes because of the extra usage of these varieties of drinks. After keeping the damages of these soft or cold drinks all of us should avoid them for a better healthy lifestyle.


Nowadays many families develop these bad eating habits. kids are learning these bad eating habits from parents in early childhood and carrying these bad habits with them till adulthood.  

Inactive lifestyle causes obesity


An inactive lifestyle is another factor that causes obesity. In offices, most of the day passes just by sitting on a chair in front of a computer. Modern means of transportation have reduced physical activities like walking, running, or cycling.

People prefer to watch movies on TV or like to use mobiles for games or social media in their extra time and very little use this extra time for exercise. 

This inactive lifestyle doesn’t help in burning food energy. This results in extra calories and then extra fat in the body.

For adults, healthcare authorities recommend a moderate exercise of at least 20 to 25 minutes per day. So, to avoid obesity one will have to leave this inactive lifestyle. It will be only possible when we will give our body 20 to 25 minutes a day.

Generic Problems may result in obesity

Other than the above-mentioned causes of obesity some generic problems may cause obesity. In such cases, it is difficult to lose weight but not impossible. With the help of healthcare professionals, one can overcome the genetic causes of obesity.

Medical Factors may cause obesity

Some medical factors may result in obesity. In some patients’ the thyroid gland does not produce enough hormones that result in obesity. In some cases, overproduction of steroid hormones causes obesity. 

However, if your health professional can timely diagnose these problems, then he can properly suggest the treatment which will save you from obesity.  

Medicine Side Effects may cause obesity     

Sometimes your doctor or health physician suggests you medicine for a longer period. The longer usage of such medicines results in obesity. Also, there are some medicines that doctors advise diabetic patients.

Usually, diabetic patients take medicine for a long time which results in obesity. Moreover, some medicines for mental illness result in obesity when they are used for a longer period.   

All of us must know about obesity and its causes so that we can take care of our health. When we know about obesity and its causes it becomes easier to cope with it.

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