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How to Improve Eye Health?

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People have written a lot about the ways how to improve eye health. There may be several ways that can be beneficial in improving our eyesight, but the most important and beneficial one is to visit an eye specialist regularly.

We cannot say that eating proper foods, strengthening the muscles, and washing the eyes properly are the key factors towards better eyesight, but these habits play a very important role in protecting and as well as improving our eyesight.

If you want to lower the risk factors for the eyes, then you need to follow the health guidelines and live a healthier lifestyle. You need to protect your eyes from the sun and other harmful objects. Today, we will try to find different ways that how to improve eye health. These ways could be beneficial for the betterment of our vision.

  • Include some food items in your Diet
  • Exercises for Strengthening Eyes Muscles
  • Eye Wash Routine For Eye Health
  • Have Enough Sleep For Eye Health
  • Protect the Eyes from the Sun
  • Regular Eye Checkup
  • Tried and Tested Home Remedy

Include some food items in your Diet

include-some-food-items-in your-diet-for-eye-health

Green leafy vegetables

Eat food items that are essential for better vision. All green leafy vegetables are very rich in Zeaxanthin and Lutein which are the two most important nutrients for the eyes.

food having vitamin a & C

Carrots being rich in Beta Carotene and Vitamin A should be included in form of salad or juice. Amla or Indian Gooseberry is very high in vitamin C which is amazing for the eyes. If Amla is in season make sure to eat one raw Amla a day.

omega 3-rich food

Apart from these Omega 3-rich foods like walnuts, flaxseed, and salmon should be consumed daily if you want your eyes healthy. Moong dal is also very effective in eye problems. Other than this it should be noted that excessive salt in the diet also negatively affects the eyes. So, if you start taking care of your diet, your eyes will start taking care of you.

exercises for Strengthening Eyes Muscles


We train almost all muscles of our body like the chest, back, biceps, etc., but what about eye muscles. You will be amazed to see the result if you do only a few exercises just 3 to 5 minutes a day.

The first is to move your eyeballs in a circular motion. Start slowly until you get a hold of it. Do it for thirty seconds. 

The second is to tightly close your eyes, hold them for three seconds and then open the eyes.

The third is very simple, just rub your palms together and touch your eyes. The warmth of the palms will relax the eye muscles. 

Forth is the acupressure point between the index and middle finger. Press it on and off for thirty seconds.

Walking barefoot on the grass early in the morning and even looking at natural greenery soothes the eye muscles.  These exercises are very simple and effective but the problem is that we tend to forget to do them. It is recommended to set an alarm at least for a few days. This is how we can improve our eye health.

Eye Wash Routine


One good habit that you should inculcate for better vision is to fill your mouth with water and wash your eyes with fresh water. The purpose of filling the mouth with water is to expand the area of the eyes so that it is washed properly.

You can take your eyewash routine to the next level by using an eyewash cup. Just add ten drops of rose water and fill the rest cup with water. Now place the cup on your eye and move your eyeballs. This is a very effective way to properly wash the eye and keep it away from any kind of vision problems or infections.

Have Enough Sleep for eye health


In this advanced and fast era, where physical work has decreased, there, mental work has increased. Lack of physical work and excessive brain work has resulted in overall stress and anxiety. Due to this hectic routine, you feel tired and low in energy.

Your eyes feel gritty and dry when you are low in energy or overtired. To overcome this situation for refreshing the eyes and improving eye vision, you need to have a healthy sleep. This will help to refresh your overall health as well as your eye health.

Protect the Eyes from the Sun


You need to keep the harmful rays of the sun away from your eyes. The direct rays of the sun can damage your eyes. Also, these rays can diminish your eyesight.

Therefore, whenever you go out in the sun always wear sunglasses with UV protection.

Regular Eye Checkup


We all know that the eyes are one of the most delicate organs of our body and hence need constant monitoring. So, it is highly recommended to go for regular eye checkups.

Once a year is good enough. Eyes checkups should not include just vision screening but a proper examination by an eye specialist.

Tried and Tested Home Remedy

Last but not least I want to share with you one simple tried and tested home remedy which is effective for all kinds of problems. All you will need is almonds, Fennel Seeds (SAUNF), and mishri. Take equal amounts of each of the three ingredients and grind them well to make a fine powder.

You can easily store this mixture in an air-tight glass container and just have one tablespoon of this mixture and drink one glass of milk over it. Do it just for three months and you will see this remedy doing wonders to your eyes.

For children below 13 years of age, it is recommended to have just one teaspoon with one glass of water. My mother used to give me this mixture in my childhood that really worked to improve my vision.


Do you know that our first saliva in the morning is so high in antibacterial properties that if it is applied to the eyes and skin around the eyes, it can improve the vision and remove the dark circles in just a matter of a few weeks?

Live examples of this can be seen in animals, who heal their deepest of wounds by just licking themselves.  No matter how strange it may sound to you that is how mother nature has made us be.

Hopefully, we have learned the ways how can we improve our eye health? The above-mentioned suggestions are very simple and easy. The only thing that could be hard to do is a determination for their application.

So, stop damaging, stop ignoring your eyes and start taking care of them as your eyes will speak louder than your mouth.

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