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Effects Of Unhealthy Food On Children

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Effects of unhealthy food on children are much more than we can imagine. The mental, physical and social development of children very much depends upon the food they take in. The nutrition plays a very important role in a child’s physical, mental as well as social growth. The kids of the modern age usually take an imbalance diet. Often they take fats, sugar and salts in a high percentage than the recommended while on the other hand take in of essential proteins, vitamins and minerals is very less than the standard quantity. Actually children of modern age are consuming unhealthy food that is directly affecting their health and fitness.

The taking in of this unhealthy food has both long term as well as short term effects on a child’s health. Here, in this article we are going to discuss the effects of unhealthy food on children.

Weakened Growth


As I have mentioned in introduction that balance in the diet is very much essential for the growth of a child. An unhealthy food or unbalanced food badly affects the growth of a child. Every nutrient is important for the growth of a child. Children absorb the nutrients very quickly in comparison with adults. An unbalanced diet play can badly affect the growth of a child.

The growth of muscles and bones in children is very fast therefore they require an adequate food plan. A healthy and proper food plan will guarantee the health and fitness of a child. On the other hand, an unhealthy food plan will badly affect the growth of a child.

To attain the optimum level of growth parents, need to include essential nutrients like fatty acids, proteins of high biological value, foods that are rich in calcium and magnesium, fat and water soluble vitamins, and iron in daily diet plan of their children.

Weakened Teeth And Muscle Cramps


The taking in of unhealthy foods leads to early childhood tooth decay, distorted bones, and regular muscle cramps in the children. Usually, children consume the food that is rich in sugar and fats. These foods include bakery items, wafers, cold drinks, pack juices and ready to cook foods. These bakery foods as well as the junk foods badly affect the growth of a child.

The foods that are low in calcium and magnesium are not good for a child growth.



The intake of unhealthy food may also result in a childhood obesity. An early childhood obesity may also lead to long term diseases like diabetes, hypertension, cardiac problems and cancer. It is obvious that unhealthy intake of food may lead to life threatening diseases. Therefore, parents need to take care of their child’s nutrition plan.

The obesity may also result in liver problems. The overweight children are more prone to problems with hip growth or bone growth in legs. The overweight children may be the victim of gallstones, early puberty, and polycystic syndrome.

Reduced Memory And Cognitive Skills


Childhood is the span of life when brain of the child develops rapidly. At childhood stage brain develops its capacity to learn and memorize the things. Also at this stage brain develops the cognitive skills in the child.

At this stage of life, the child requires very specific and balanced quantity of nutrients like choline, folic acid, iron, zinc, copper, iodine, selenium, vitamin A. Also, some special fats like gangliosides, sphingolipids and docosahexaenoic acid play a very important role in brain’s development.

The unhealthy intake of these nutrients can lead to poor development of your child’s brain. To ensure the proper development of your child, you need to take care of his diet intake as the unhealthy intake of food can badly affect the growth and development of your child.

Weaker Immune System


Unhealthy food badly affects the immune system of a child. The poor eating habits don’t provide the necessary nutrients for healthy growth and development of the child. This unhealthy food can lead the children to weaker immune system.

The children with weaker immune system are more prone to the diseases. Such children may carry some long term diseases like:

Bone Thinning

Kids who have weak immune system may be victim of bone thinning (osteoporosis) in their later life. Therefore, to avoid the effects of unhealthy food on children parents need to monitor and maintain a healthy diet plan for their kids.

Cardiovascular Diseases

The take in of unhealthy foods like foods that are high in fats, salts and sugar may increase cholesterol level, or may result in high blood pressure or may harden the arteries in adulthood. Therefore, to avoid these problems parents should take care of their child’s food in the childhood.


The unhealthy food can lead to overweight that may result in type 2 diabetes in the children.


The unhealthy take in of food can lead to obesity. The fat children may be victim of breathing problems like asthma.

Unhealthy Food Leads To Learning Disabilities In Children


As stated in the earlier part of the article, a child’s brain grows rapidly. At the same time the brain of a child is sensitive to the insufficient supply of the nutrients.

The unhealthy food like junk food is not good for a child. The junk food consists of artificial colors and flavors, preservatives, sugar and bad fats. These unhealthy ingredients of junk food can decrease the focus on things and may also slow down the thought process of the brain.

These unhealthy foods disturb the attention, increase dyslexia, reduce concentration. The unhealthy foods may also affect the visual sensations.

The unhealthy food or nutritional deficiency may result in different disorders in the children. If your child has the symptoms like excessive running around in the house, harsh behavior, failure to sleep at night, or cannot concentrate in the day, it may be due to nutritional deficiency. The child brought up with poor or unhealthy food may be the victim of visual and muscular incoordination.

Unhealthy food can develop an inability to handle simple problems and find solutions to them.

As we have come to know that unhealthy food badly affects the growth of a child in all aspects therefore parents need to make a healthy diet plan for their children.